Youth Offending

We regulalrly undertake work with youth offending teams (YOTs) and services. This work includes the range of organisational development work detailed in the section on Organisational Learning including work with strategic boards and management teams. We also have extensive experience of assisting YOTs to improve performance both before and after inspection and with developmental services related to managing risk. Our Policies and Procedures are in use in a wide range of YOTs. The section on Service Redesign outlines our work with CACI to use Systems Modelling to more effectively manage youth justice systems.

Managing Risk

We use the term managing risk to refer to both the safeguarding of young people and protecting others from risk of harm. We are able to provide a range of services to assist YOTs to more effectively manage this critical area of practice. This includes reviewing existing processes and practices, auditing practice, providing learning programmes and developing procedures. A critical relationship in managing risk is the relationship between the YOT and social care services. We can assist with reviewing or developing protocols and undertaing development work to enhance the working relationship between the YOT and social care.

We are currently working with a youth offending service to develop ways to create organisational learning from critical incidents and serious case reviews and with another to review processes around management of risk.

Policies and Procedures

Practice Procedures developed by Alex Chard have been implemented in a large number of YOTs. (They received a good practice commendation in an inspection report). The Procedure Development Service can include:

 Provision of Policy and Procedures Templates covering all key areas of practice including Safeguarding and Risk Management;

 A Localisation Service; 

 An Update Service covering key changes to legislation and guidance or changes in local service provision; and,

 Provision of procedures to published quality in binders and in a PDF format for use on your intranet.

This is a solution that is from a recognised and established source:

 By a published author who has written leading texts and national guidance;

 Based upon current legislation and guidance;

 Provides an assurance that your procedures are up to date; and,

 Cost effective.

Training and Learning

We have long-standing experience of delivering training in the field of youth justice. This goes back as far as providing training on the Criminal Justice Acts of 1991 and 1993. Over the last 23 years we have provided training courses to a wide range of local authorities. Programmes we offer include:

 Safeguarding Young People in the Youth Justice System (including level 1 training); 

 Managing Risk of Harm; 

 Assessment Planning and Case Recording;

 Report Writing and Analysis;

 Supervision Skills for Managers.

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