Company Services

Our focus and expertise is within children’s services including education, social care, health and criminal justice. We can evidence longstanding knowledge of providing effective services for local, regional and national agencies including government.

Company services span a range of areas that can be delivered individually, however, within our work they are often linked together. Broadly these include:

  • Practice Development;
  • Strategic Service Development;
  • Strategic Action Research;
  • Development of Strategic Reports.

We have a particular interest and specialism in the safeguarding and wellbeing of older children, this includes understanding and reducing the risks children may pose to others.

Punishing Abuse and the ALTARTM Framework

Company work within the West Midlands resulted in the report Punishing Abuse. This work provides an exemplar of our ability to work successfully across all of the above areas. The project included using systemic approaches to learning and action research to enable system wide change.

This complex project was jointly funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority, the Police and Crime Commissioner and a range of local authorities. Work included providing strategic advice to senior staff and management boards, practice development with nearly 100 staff and an action research project which considered the lives and agency journeys of eighty children known to a wide range of local agencies.

Our brief at the start of this project was to devise an intervention that would help to discover the extent of abuse and loss for children in the local justice system and propose regional reform of the justice system. Working strategically and collaboratively, as the project developed it became clear that much wider reform was needed. A range of structural issues and intergenerational factors, including poverty, abuse, loss and adversity was creating a virtual escalator, leaving vulnerable children open to exploitation, crime and potentially very tragic life outcomes.

A significant aspect of the approach to developing Punishing Abuse was action research. The value of this approach was evident when Punishing Abuse was recently launched by the Mayor of the West Midlands and the Police and Crime Commissioner. They both welcomed the report and the proposed reforms. The report was endorsed at the launch for its academic rigour. The report is being viewed to have national significance in addressing the needs of vulnerable children and families.

The research on which Punishing Abuse was undertaken applied the ALTARTM Framework created by Dr Alex Chard, Director YCTCS ltd. Company services related to the ALTARTM Framework are outlined here.

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