ALTAR Framework

ALTARTM is an evidenced based framework that draws on a wide range of disciplines. A strength of the ALTARTM Framework is that it’s applicable both strategically and at a casework level. ALTARTM is broadly based and is synergistic with Public Health approaches, ACEs, Child First approaches and Trauma Informed Practice.

The thinking that underpins ALTARTM is that Abuse and Loss in childhood frequently Traumatises children and affects their patterns of Attachment both to parents and others. Abuse, loss and other adversity impacts on the child’s physical and neurological development affecting their behaviours and life course outcomes. Resilience provides a framework to mitigate the impact of abuse and loss for individuals and provides a framework for systemic intervention and prevention for children, families and communities.

The evidence base that has shaped ALTARTM stems from detailed research into the lives of over a hundred children. The children studied profiled in areas of public services that included; children’s services, alternative education provision, youth offending teams and mental health services. Applications of the ALTARTM framework include:

  • As an Assessment Framework;
  • For Case Screening;
  • To Target Interventions;
  • To Enhance Risk Management;
  • For Case Based Research;
  • Predictive Analytics and Syndromic Surveillance;
  • Public Health Approaches to Violence Reduction;
  • Informing Strategic Planning.

The ALTARTM Framework was created by Dr Alex Chard, Director YCTCS ltd. ALTARTM has been developed following forty years experience working within youth justice and the children’s sector. The influences on ALTARTM include his early practice, longstanding consultancy in the sector and more recently extensive research into the lives of vulnerable children who have suffered poor life outcomes.

Punishing Abuse, a unique action research project into eighty children from the West Midlands was undertaken using the ALTARTM framework. Further studies of children, through an ALTARTM lens, are currently being undertaken into more than 20 children who are victims or perpetrators of serious youth violence.

The ALTARTM Framework and Punishing Abuse have relevance for both policy makers, managers and practitioners. We can provide the following services, which can be tailored to the needs and interests of different audiences:

  • Strategic Briefings on the ALTARTM Framework and Punishing Abuse, which includes the main findings, policy and practice implications and the proposals;
  • Development Programmes providing the opportunity for in depth consideration of the ALTARTM Framework and the finding of Punishing Abuse including the policy implications and proposals, seminars provide opportunity for discussion and reflection of local context and needs;
  • Reviewing Local Cases through the ALTARTM lens, provides a way to both evidence the extent of childhood adversity for children receiving services and provide the basis for service reform.

We also welcome enquires regarding use and licensing of the ALTARTM Framework.

Contact Dr Alex Chard, Director YCTCS ltd, telephone 01883 744239 or email here.

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