YCTCS ltd is a knowledge based company that delivers services and strategic interventions for local, regional and national government, public bodies and the third sector. We work in a range of sectors including children's social care, criminal justice, education and youth work. 

We have provided developmental resources within the public sector for more 30 years and have delivered a very wide range of complex services. 

Examples of projects we have delivered, include:

  • Punishing Abuse, a detailed study of eighty children from across eleven local authorities who were known to youth offending teams and wider services including education, health and social care;
  • Assisting the senior leadership team in a children's services department subject to government intervention to develop strategic plans for their improvement board and government;
  • Undertaking a review for a Safeguarding Partnership of multi-agency strategic and practice responses to address serious youth violence;
  • Work with a local authority Chief Officer Board to consider how all services could contribute to corporate parenting and governance and strategically support children's services;
  • Developing the Social Work Associate Practice Guide a national resource for the Local Government Association on enhancing the management of frontline safeguarding services.

Our work is always academically informed. We have a deep understanding of systemic practice and have applied systemic approaches to service development over many years. Further information on our services can be found here.

We would be pleased to discuss your context and ways that we might help you to deliver excellent outcomes for children, families and communities.

Contact Dr Alex Chard, Director YCTCS ltd, telephone 01883 744239 or email here.

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Registered Offices: 37 Hickmans Close, Godstone, Surrey.

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